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MyTimestation Integration

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MyTimestation is third party Android & iOS compatible time capture app. Through MyTimestation, your employees can key in their unique PIN or scan their unique QR code to clock in and out each day.

ePayroll has an API integration with MyTimestation, which pulls clock in/out times into ePayroll and populates them onto each employee’s Synchronise timesheet.

Note: As a third party app, MyTimestation has it’s own fees, payment method and invoicing process.

Setting up the integration

Setting up the MyTimestation integration is simple:

  1. Register for a MyTimestation account at
  2. Set up your employees in MyTimestation (it’s important that the employee code in ePayroll matches the employee code in MyTimestation).
  3. Contact MyTimestation support to request your API key.
  4. Forward your MyTimestation API key to the ePayroll Support Team and request that the MyTimestation intergration be enabled on your account.
  5. We’ll configure your API key, enable MyTimestation integration and let you know once completed.

Syncing data Manually

Most clients will trigger a data sync from MyTimestation as part of their payroll processing as soon as the pay period finishes.

In most cases, each employee’s manager will then review and approve their employee’s times prior to pay day.

To trigger a data sync from MyTimestation:

  1. Log into ePayroll
  2. Choose Synchronise -> Timesheets -> Import from the main menu
  3. Choose a date in the week for which you want to import times

    Note: if your pay period spans multiple weeks, you will need to do a request for each week in the pay period.

  4. Click the Sync button
  5. Your data sync will be queued for processing

    Note: Generally, your data sync will be completed in 1-2 mins.

Automatic data sync

If preferred, the MyTimestation data sync can also be set to automatically occur every 15 mins. To enable automatic data syncing between MyTimestation and ePayroll, please email the ePayroll Support Team for assistance.

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